The run in: bottom five teams in the Premier League and their final five games

By Omar Moore
Watford Watch
July 10, 2020

Watford capitalized in the first of their final five games of the 2019-20 Premier League season by beating bottom club Norwich City 2-1 on Tuesday, meaning that if Norwich lose one more game or Watford get one more point in their remaining four games, Norwich will be relegated to the Championship.

The other three teams in the bottom five — West Ham, Bournemouth and Aston Villa — failed to win this week. West Ham and Aston Villa both lost at home without scoring (0-1, to Burnley, and 0-3, to red-hot Manchester United respectively), while Bournemouth were held 0-0 at home by Tottenham yesterday.

The second of each of the five team’s final five games will be played this coming weekend.

Here are the games the five teams have left to play in the race to avoid the drop from the Premier League.

NORWICH CITY: 20th – 21 points

July 7 Watford (Away) – L 2-1
July 11 West Ham (Home)
July 14 Chelsea (Away)
July 18 Burnley (Home)
July 26 Manchester City (Away)

ASTON VILLA: 19th – 27 points

July 9 Manchester United (Home) – L 3-0
July 12 Crystal Palace (Home)
July 16 Everton (Away)
July 21 Arsenal (Home)
July 26 West Ham (Away)

BOURNEMOUTH: 18th – 28 points

July 9 Tottenham (Home) – D 0-0
July 12 Leicester (Home)
July 15 Manchester City (Away)
July 19 Southampton (Home)
July 26 Everton (Away)

WATFORD: 17th – 31 points

July 7 Norwich (Home) – W 2-1
July 11 Newcastle (Home)
July 17 West Ham (Away)
July 21 Manchester City (Home)
July 26 Arsenal (Away)

WEST HAM: 16th – 31 points

July 8 Burnley (Home) – L 1-0
July 11 Norwich (Away)
July 17 Watford (Home)
July 22 Manchester United (Away)
July 26 Aston Villa (Home)

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