A Clash To Consider: Will We Stay Or Will We Go?

By Omar Moore
Watford Watch
July 5, 2020

When The Clash released their song “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” Watford Football Club were in the midst of the marvelous Graham Taylor-Elton John surge from Fourth Division to First Division football in England. Within the space of five seasons Watford reached the summit with promotion to the First Division in 1982, in the same month The Clash released their famous song. Now fast forward almost forty years later and Watford and their fans are asking that same question about the Hornets very Premier League existence with just five games to go in their season.

Or will it be five games to go in the five seasons Watford have spent in the Premier League since 2015?

When Watford were promoted with Bournemouth in April 2015 they were later joined by Norwich, who they play on Tuesday in a must-win encounter at Vicarage Road. Will all three of those teams go down at the end of this season? With Norwich two losses away from a certain Championship fate, Watford’s imperative is laid out right in front of them.

Here is a look at the bottom five teams in the Premier League and the final five games for each. West Ham have the easiest schedule; Watford the second-easiest. Do you think Watford will stay up?

NORWICH CITY: 20th – 21 points

July 7 Watford (Away)
July 11 West Ham (Home)
July 14 Chelsea (Away)
July 18 Burnley (Home)
July 26 Manchester City (Away)

BOURNEMOUTH: 19th – 27 points

July 9 Tottenham (Home)
July 12 Leicester (Home)
July 15 Manchester City (Away)
July 19 Southampton (Home)
July 26 Everton (Away)

ASTON VILLA: 18th – 27 points

July 9 Manchester United (Home)
July 12 Crystal Palace (Home)
July 16 Everton (Away)
July 21 Arsenal (Home)
July 26 West Ham (Away)

WATFORD: 17th – 28 points

July 7 Norwich (Home)
July 11 Newcastle (Home)
July 17 West Ham (Away)
July 21 Manchester City (Home)
July 26 Arsenal (Away)

WEST HAM: 16th – 31 points

July 8 Burnley (Home)
July 11 Norwich (Away)
July 17 Watford (Home)
July 22 Manchester United (Away)
July 26 Aston Villa (Home)

Photo: Ismaila Sarr wheels away in delight on February 29 at Vicarage Road after scoring against Liverpool during Watford’s 3-0 win — the last time the Hornets won in the Premier League.

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